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Sustainable Tourism


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Discovery of Burkina Faso...

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Living among Africans

This stay is aimed for teenagers aspiring to uncommon experiences, wishing to invest in a common project. The group consists of 12 youth accompanied by two counselors.

The Gandéfabou Camp, in a sandy landscape, allows us a very quick immersion in culture Peuhl and Touareg. Sharing the lives of these former nomads, the pace of tap water, flocks who are in the transhumance, colorful markets, plunges us into a different world from ours.


In addition to the discovery of sumptuous landscapes and traditional Touareg lifestyle, a multitude of activities around the different camps of the association will be proposed. The journey begins with a visit of the granite sculpture site of Laongo, a village 32 km northeast of Ouagadougou in the Oubritenga province. Sculpture in Burkina Faso is a tradition, but also an openness to the international world art. For twenty years, dozens of artists from all backgrounds come there to sculpt the granite stones offered by this natural site, which means leaving hear the messages and symbols.

One hundred kilometers from the capital, lies the little town of Kaya. Formerly, when the cavalry were the glory of the Mossi empire, all leather accessories for horses came from the garment factories of this stool region. Even if horses and riders are more scarce, leather craftsmen have evolved and now produce objects adapted to the modern world, such as handbags, shoes, bags, ... The natural cotton weavers decorate (color unbleached) objects of leather, with designs of geometric shapes. During this stage, we participate in a garment factory and leather work in a women's center. Then we also have the opportunity to help another group of women in gardening work, including drawing water from the lake, and living one day at a rate of Kaya.

The tour will go on in Bani, called the city of seven mosques, which views from the sky, representing a man in prayer. The restoration and maintenance of these mosques provide an important work for people. Walking in the street, one can explain the history of these mosques, because it's not Muhammad who is revered here ...

Gorom-Gorom is the entry point of the Sahel. With a population of about 64,000 inhabitants, capital of the province of Oudalan this great town should be visited, you can feel the unique atmosphere of Sahelian cities. Every thursday, all pastoralists in the region are found in large colorful market, the largest in the country. It is time to buy things, and also learn the art of negotiating the price. For some people, the value of an object is not in its price, but in the dealing process.

Before taking the sandy tracks to Oursi camp, and discover the first dunes of the Sahel, we have the opportunity to accompany stakeholders in health prevention association TASSAK (meaning Union) in nearby villages around, on campaign of awareness and health education.

A Gandéfabou, une excursion au rythme des pas lents des dromadaires, permet à chacun de découvrir le Sahel : les dunes, les animaux s'abreuvant au fleuve Beli, les campements de nomades peuhls et touaregs, dont la vocation pastorale consent à ces éleveurs de bovins de vivre au milieu du désert.
In Gandéfabou, a trip to the rhythm of the slowly camels, allows everyone to discover the Sahel: the dunes, animals drinking in the Beli river, Tuareg and Fulani nomadic camps, which pastoral agreements is to live in the desert.

The region is rich in several archaeological sites, in Gandéfabou or in Oursi, where a museum gathering archaeological remains of medieval times began in late 2006. This site is exceptional for its preservation, and maintains a certain numbers of questions on the life of the Tuareg, Fulani, and Songhai in the last millennium (road salt, slavery, ...)

Accommodation and Catering

During the stay, accommodation is made in hotels in Ouagadougou, Ziniaré and Kaya. The rooms are clean and equipped with bathrooms. In Gorom-Gorom and Oursi, accommodation is in traditional huts. They are equipped with shower box. Accommodation is Gandefabou is in Peuhl tents built by women and distributed in the camps. In terms of health, the camp is equipped with hardy toilets (called the hole) that are very clean. Space is specially designed for the shower, it is equipped with a water and evacuation, but the shower itself is done with a seal, which is filled before splash yourself.
The rooms have all beds and mosquito nets. The camp is located in the bush, it is not equipped with electricity. The lighting is done with oil lamps.

The meals are prepared with local foods from fresh market. During the stay, a lamb barbecue is organized with a whole spit roasted goat on the embers of a wood fire.

Accessibility Levels

No particular difficulty for this trip.

Characteristics of Adolescents Stays

Specific activities are offered to youg people including meetings with their peers, with college or high school in Gorom-Gorom, around a football match, or with children of Primary School in Gandéfabou. These meetings are an opportunity for exchange and sharing. It's time for young to offer these children a day of entertainment (music and singing, circus arts, theater, ... prepared during the stay). Meetings with local population is also a part of the agenda, particularly in the oasis of Menegou. Youth have to help in installation tasks: preparing the meals, Wood Research, ... During the evening around the campfire the inhabitants of the oasis just tell stories and legends, accompanied by music. Youth may also participate this "barter" of culture by producing songs, juggling, music, ...


The group is made up of 12 young people. The stay is coached by its director and a counselor, providing first aid certificate (AFPS). We prefer for supervision of our holidays, animators professional diplomas (BEATEP) rather than certificates of competency (BAFA-BAFD). An Introduction to Development and International Solidarity Education will be organized by the counselors, using games, with young people of the host community, promoting the exchange, sharing and reflection on sustainable development.

Characteristics of Adult Stays

The adult stay is defined for 12 days. The groups consist of 6 persons. Family trips are also organized. A guide accompanies the group throughout the stay.

Trip History

the stay progress is given purely as an indication. The full description is detailed on page: Prices & Leaflets.

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Dates for Youth Stays
  • February:
    Zone C : from 13 feb to 26 feb
    Zone A : from 27 feb to 12 mar
  • Easter:
    Zone B : from 17 apr to 30 apr
  • Summer:
    Unknown at this time.
    Dates for Adult Stays

The adult stays are organized on request, excluding school holidays, allowing to benefit from cheaper rates on airline flights. The group may consist of 2 to 6 people maximum. Feel free to contact us.
Stay families are also organized on request. A program of activities is then proposed based upon the age of children. For example, routes will be adjusted if there are young children (5-10 years).

These dates can be modified of one or two days for flight reasons.


Fares for year 2011 will be online from November 2010.

This price includes:

  • The international flight roundtrip Paris - Ouagadougou.
  • The accommodation, catering, local transportation and activities.
  • The travel book.
  • All fees and services.
  • Insurance assistance, insurance repatriation.

This price does not include:
  • The journey from your home to Paris airport.
  • Drinks taken without food and personal expenses.
  • The cancellation insurance, lost baggage insurance (contact us).