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Humanitarian Counselor Training

The educational objective is to train professionals from childhood to the exercise of skills using games in a humanitarian context. This training is not intended to provide ready methods that ca be exported to the south, but to provide tools, frameworks for better understanding issues related to children in the South. This training is also designed to open some reflection ways on the humanitarian work. At the end of this training professionals will be able to identify a collection of toys and games in a given country, to establish and conduct game spaces, train local staff in the game business, conduct workshops enabling to evacuate trauma.

Concerned People

This training is designed for international solidarity associations that work with children, even if it is not their primary vocation. For example, non-governmental emergency organizations, may feel the need to use professional counselors, to reinforce their teams, in a refugee camp with children having suffered trauma. This training may take place in France before the counselors departure or abroad when counselors teams are defined. This training is also provided to organizations that work in the development of counselor skills in the South, and development of childhood homes.

Training Sequence

The training comprises four modules of five days. It can be done in continuous education or not. The active participant number varies from 4 to 16 persons. The training takes place on the fieldwork in the internal structure. Many structures can come together to achieve an adequate participation.