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News & Events

October 2011
Salon Horizon vert
Paint in green or change society !!

November 2011
Week of international solidarity
Game-animation created and hosted by Hum Anim, intervention at the primary school of Beauville (47) within the week of international solidarity in the class of GS/PA for children 5 and 6 years.

Discovery of Costa Rica and Burkina Faso...

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Hum Anim is an association in the context of international solidarity that works for teenagers and children. Its work is focused on three axes: the sustainable tourist for teens, the support for project design and humanitarian training for adults.


Sustainable Tourism for Teens


The underlying idea is to change the design of travel by applying the principles of sustainable tourism that ensure to host communities an equitable share of benefits that it generates, and reconcile tourism and sustainable development.
From a human point of view, the trip is also an opportunity to meet other people and develop an awareness of solidarity.


Support and Project Design


We provide to non-governmental organization our experience and expertise in the support and project design in infancy and childhood.
Beyond support in project management, we also offer training in organization management.



Humanitarian Training for Adults

We offer training courses to upgrade and rehabilitate the game in current child life.
These courses are aimed at child professionals wishing to get involved in a non-governmental abroad organization, either in a humanitarian mission in France or in a childhood home.